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Digital clinical solutions have seen a modest adoption rate in the healthcare community, especially among doctors. However, as the healthcare industry gears up to embrace technological advancements, we are witnessing the role of credible, AI-enabled systems in enhancing efficiency, accuracy and accessibility. From improving the clinical workflow and analysing data for better diagnosis, to health monitoring and digital consultations, these tech interactions are changing the healthcare industry for the better.

Patients who often rely on online resources for health queries, including symptoms, conditions, and treatment options, can benefit from clinical AI solutions by receiving automated, personalised insights in real-time.

The Clinical Intelligence Engine is built to understand and analyse a patient’s health information to provide contextual, personalised info with actionable insights to both patients and doctors. It is a technology foundation built to assist both the doctor and patients, in primary care, condition management and wellness.

What Drives Us?

CIE envisions leveraging the healthcare ecosystem for data, technology and clinical expertise so that actionable recommendations can be employed to assist doctors in solving their everyday pain points in clinical practice.

  • Elevate
    Clinical Quality

    Assist doctors even in remote areas to provide quality care by getting answers to problems accurately & quickly

  • Alleviate
    Lack of Access

    Provide actionable assistance to patients when deemed clinically appropriate

  • Deliver
    at Scale

    Bridge the gap in increased healthcare demand with multi- channel access to safe, clinically validated health interactions

Watch the
CIE Story Unfold.

Built by the best medical and engineering minds from the Apollo ecosystem, the CIE is Dr. Prathap C Reddy's gift to the doctors of the nation.

CIE Improves with Your Feedback

While CIE has been in use at Apollo Hospitals for the last several months, we are releasing a beta version accessible to all the doctors of this country. Through the clinical interactions and feedback from doctors, CIE will continuously learn. The tool gets better with each interaction as we learn more about how clinicians treat cases in the real world.

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